Saturday, April 2, 2011

ya ya ya

Standing at the Keurig machine, making my 3rd cup of coffee today I blurted out a sudden 'oh my gosh' after thinking about the past week. Thinking about trying to keep deals together after months of work, thinking of Big Fancy over-heating on the freeway in bumper to bumper traffic, thinking about my almost 4 hour adventure waiting for AAA to pick me up from a scary Home Depot in 90+ degree weather...thinking about, thinking about, everything...when the 'OMG' just came out of the silence.

Espen: Why'd-ya say that?
Me: Oh, I was just thinking
Espen: About what?
Me: Well...I was thinking about how incredibly cute you are and how much I love you
Espen: Ya ya ya, yep yep yep. you always say that.

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