Sunday, December 19, 2010

christmas party, preschool style.

I love Espen's school. I love his teacher, Mrs. Caton. She is incredibly sweet and so good with the kids and she goes out of her way to make their first experience in a school setting so amazing. On Thursday she even sent each kid home with a present...Espen got a little toy truck and 3 books, including one that I watched her read to the students one day that I told her how much I loved. I'm not sure if every kid got a copy of the Gingerbread Man, but I like to think that she gave it to Espen because she knew how much he and I both liked it.

On Friday, the last day of school before winter break she had coordinated a little party for the kids. When Jeremy and I got there each group of kids was already having fun at their 'station'. They set up 5 stations for the kids to rotate through, from a math game with bingo stampers to making ornaments and jingle bell reindeer's the kids loved it! I am beyond thankful that Espen gets to have such a wonderful pre-k experience and it wouldn't be the same without Mrs. Caton.

{what an awesome project. these were in the office at Espen's school, not sure what class made them but they are hilarious. chia pet pine cones!}

{espen playing a numbers/bingo game}

{the gingerbread houses that the kids made, which we forgot to take home...which i almost cried about}

{this is sophie, espen's girlfriend. the are best buddies and talk about having crushes on each other. it's so cute. unfortunately sophie will not be going to the same elementary school next year, although i don't think espen will have too hard of a time finding a new girlfriend in kindergarten}

{making ornaments}

{waiting to be colored}

{espen's ornament}

{the kids artwork is displayed all over the classroom}

{jeremy in carpet time}

{espen thinking about what color glitter glue should go on his next ornament...and the adorable eugenio in the background. that boy is just the cutest kid}

{getting a little ornament decoration advise from dad}

{espen and the lovely sophie}

{a very proud espen and his reindeer}

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