Wednesday, July 7, 2010

busy day

I don't really have a schedule these days. Some things are constant, I wake up at the same time, Jeremy leaves the house around 10am just about the time when my mom arrives to watch Espen. But, aside from that, it's kind of up in the air. My mom comes down to watch Espen Monday through Thursday, sometimes I have emails, phone calls, showings or appointments to take care of, but some days we just sit around a gab and occasionally run out to look at houses, just out of curiosity or an out of town buyer. She understands, though that my day can go from gossip to gotta go in a matter of minutes. This was exactly what happened on Thursday. I knew I had a lot to do that day, but it ended up being a race against the clock and turned out to be tons of fun!

I had to meet a guy at one of the twins listings, we were there not even 15 minutes when he insisted I get an offer worked up for him, so back to the house I headed. By this time, my mom and Espen were on their way to the children's museum and we were hoping to meet up their before my mom had to head home.

I jumped on the computer, wrote the most confusing offer (to long of a story, it still doesn't make sense to me), sent the offer off to the buyer, glanced at the clock and decided to jump in the car and meet my mom and Espen at the Museum.

They have the most amazing structure built in the museum. It's 40 feet of structural steel that is twisted and welded together with a flying bath tub, a tiny boat and tunnels that are not even 2.5 feet wide, you literally have to crouch down and 'duck walk' through the entire exhibit. Espen was up and down and all around the thing. I was sweating and achy and fumbling around. It was hilarious.

{blurry yes, but espen took it}
{so hard to catch him on film}


{he looks like he's 12}

Espen and my mom had already been at the museum for a while so Espen and I said our goodbyes to my mom and went off to explore a few more exhibits before we had to dash out and head to Target to get Kate's son a gift for his birthday party that evening. (yes, I wait till the last minute, I can't be the only one).

From Target we headed over to the car wash. I had to meet two sets of buyers starting Friday at 8am so if I didn't get Big Fancy cleaned then I would be showing houses in Big Yucky. From there we headed home to meet Jeremy and headed up to north Phoenix only 30 minutes late (ha) for Stefan's birthday party at Chuck E Cheese.

It was great to see Kate, Larry, Stefan and there bun in the oven although we didn't get to much time to chit chat since we were all busy dumping tokens in the arcade games and chasing our kiddos around.


While Jeremy was in the bathroom he watched a dad wipe his sobbing kid down from the major shit he took IN HIS PANTS and then quickly left El Cheese. It wasn't until after 5 kids came running out of the over-sized hamster tunnels squealing about the poop in the there that Jeremy remembered the little boy from the bathroom telling his dad through tears that he had in fact pooped in there. So sick. AND, Stefan stepped in it! He was hobbling around on one foot till his Grandma swept him away for a quick wash up in the bathroom. I think he quickly forgot about it once Chuck E came out with gifts and an attendant set up the little plastic room with the crazy fans that blow tickets around, the Ticket Blaster! He did so good, 160 tickets is what he got.

We had to wrap things up because I had to get to bed early to prepare for 3 days of non stop work. On the way home Espen suddenly had the urge to PEE, like an end or the world, tears streaming down his face had to pee right around Scottsdale and Mountain View. Jeremy took a quick detour to a nearby park and it ended up being a nice place to wind down after such a busy day and an even nicer way to spend time with the boys before I disappeared into my job for the next 3 days.

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