Sunday, May 9, 2010

If you haven't been to Cafe Carumba, you must go soon! I love this place, every time we go there I leave completely satisfied. We went there for lunch last Sunday and were once again happy as ever. It was SO windy that Sunday, menus were flying all over the place but it didn't stop us from enjoying the sunshine on the patio and pigging out on delicious food.

2010-05-02 10.53.20
{yum yum coffee}

2010-05-02 11.16.43
{seriously, cute pancakes}

2010-05-02 11.30.39
{florentine omelet}

2010-05-02 11.44.24

2010-05-02 11.45.32

2010-05-02 12.12.03
{asleep on dad's shoulders}

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