Thursday, April 29, 2010


Two of my closest friends turned 31 this past Friday. Jenny's husband through together a surprise party at the last minute and although it seemed by the out of no where text two days prior that this was rather unplanned it certainly didn't seem that way once we got there.

I had so much fun but I was talking to my sister and her neighbor yesterday about this feeling that I get the day after hanging out with my friends. I typically wake up with almost a guilty or embarrassed feeling about something I may have said or did. I always end up thinking about how loud I am, I am SO loud sometimes...and animated, I scream, I throw my body around when I'm telling a story and I guess I feel a bit embarrassed about it. I try to be reserved and quiet but it's just not me. I wonder if it's a quality about me that my friends hate but they love me for other reasons so they don't mind that I am obnoxious. Who knows. I recently started thinking that it may have something to do with drinking. Not that I drink a lot but that a couple of glasses wine will loosen me up and then the screaming and contorting begins.

So, at Jenny's house the other night I opted for coffee. I woke up the next day with that same feeling, I was too loud, too goofy, I should settle down a bit. All the coffee did was make me stay up till 3am and possibly made me a bit louder in the end. I have come to the conclusion that it’s just how I am. A super loud, nutty lady who dresses like she's 20 and acts like she's 6 and I wouldn't have it any other way.

Between my loud stories and hand gestures (Allison, my Italian sister, I know you know what I'm talking about) I had a wonderful night. Everyone was in great mood. It was a small group of friends, there was delicious food and we got to surprise the crap out of Jenny, which was HILARIOUS.




{Jenny's husband Matt got her a vegan birthday cake}



{Aimee brought cannolis from Grimaldi's, so good, almost as good as my mom's}

{and i quote 'sorry i'm fat'}

Job well done Matt. What a fun night. And thanks to Mary for busting her butt getting everything set up and for making your famous crock pot weenies.

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Twins & Co. said...

We use the quote, "Sorry, I'm fat." all day, every day. Words to live by. ha.