Friday, April 23, 2010

puppy dreams

Last Sunday, we all laid down after dinner around 6 to take a cat nap. Well that cat nap for me ended up lasting till 6:30 the following day. I'm not really sure at what time this all happened but I remember waking up in the middle of the night with Espen in our bed. He looked strange, I thought for a minute he had been playing with my eyebrow pencil and put whiskers on his face. Through out the night I kept waking up and looking over at him, each time noticing more and more 'stuff' on him. I was half asleep so I couldn't quite process it. Was it paint? Was it eyeliner? When I finally woke up the next morning I began my quest to find this mystery marker.
I found my eyeliner and eye brow pencil, untouched in the bathroom. I checked the new finger paint kit, all was as we had left it. I came back in the room and there it was. An almost brand new tube of my mascara was on the ground at the foot of the bed surrounded by streaks of black on our sheets and carpet.
How could I be mad? He was covered in it, he put a lot of time into applying it to half his body. He woke up shortly after and told me he had a dream he was a puppy and so he wanted to have fur! Seriously, what is going through a four year olds mind, hiding at the foot of the bed swiping your moms make up all over yourself. hahaha. I can only imagine.

{this is what I kept seeing all night long, wtf}

{me: what are you doing? espen: being a puppy!}

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