Thursday, April 15, 2010

phoenix in the mailbox

I am super excited! My beautiful Phoenix print from The Heads of State came in the mail yesterday and it is amazing!!
{phoenix:the heads of state}

I know it deserves a proper frame but when I look at it my first reaction is to grab some red thumb-tacks and just pin it to the wall. I don't think I could ever stick little holes in it so it will sit in it's tube till the perfect framing opportunity comes along.

The perfect framing opportunity has come along for another wonderful print that I have been dying to hang up since my mom got it for me for my birthday early this year...

{rising of the setting sun:wayne pate}

I have been waiting for Michael's elusive 60% off coupon. I get 40% & 50% all the time, but, I knew there was a 60% one that pops up every once and a while. Well, it finally came in the mail today. Now, I have a gift card for Aaron Brother’s, not Michaels, but I called Aaron's the other day and they told me that since they are owned by the same company they will honor the other one's offer. What?? I am going to run down to Michael's on Saturday and get a quote and then hop on over to Aaron Brother’s and get this puppy framed! Nothin' fancy, just a super simple frame, maybe a matte. We'll see. Either way, I can't wait to get this one up in our house.

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