Friday, April 30, 2010

old town farmer's market

On Saturday Espen put on his Hyper-Color shirt (yes, Allison, it finally fits him and it is AWESOME) and walked with me across the Civic Center to meet up with Kate and Stephan at the Old Town Farmer's Market. I love that it's close enough to walk over and enjoy the gorgeous weather. The Farmer's Market was actually pretty nice. Tons of fruits and veggies, all sorts of weird treats, noodles, breads, honey even beer for your dog. (uh)

After trying a bunch of samples including the most amazing focacia bread and to die for toffee with chocolate and sea salts, we decided to head over to the Civic Center. Well, first we had to make a pit stop for some sorbet. The boys had chocolate, I had basil and lime. Delish. They were out of bacon flavor, darn. No seriously, they had bacon flavor. They even had bacon brittle. I likened it to putting syrup on sausage. The sweet and the salty, we didn't try any though...not for $7.

I love my visits with Kate. She is so beautiful in every way. And she's expecting her 2nd kiddo later this year, although you wouldn't know it by looking at her. She's so teeny with this little bitty belly, so cute. She and I were pregnant at the same time with Stephan and Espen, they are only 6 weeks apart and man, I was a blimp compared to her. She has the cutest figure for a pregnant lady.
Enough about how lovely Kate is...let's talk about how much I love just sitting around with her, watching the boys play and talking about life. Her life has taken the wildest turns over the years I really admire her. She's such an amazing woman...I'm really am just so amazed at the girls who I became friends with over the years, all of them are so incredible.

We just gabbed away while the boys tried to roll down the little hill we were on, attempted to destroy a pretty flower bed and fought over who got to play with the plastic wrench Espen brought along. Another wonderful outing with Kate and Stefan.







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