Tuesday, April 20, 2010

kiddo yoga, frames, finger paint & fun

Espen and I got to go to child/parent yoga again on Saturday but before we left Espen impressed me with his chocolate milk making ability.

1. pour milk and hershey syrup in a cup

2. be sure to add little rubber stopper gadget to your sippy cup lid

3. mix milk and syrup with a spoon, ask mom to help if it gets to messy

4. screw on lid, drink up

I am going to blame the chocolate milk at 9:30am on Espen's strange behavior at yoga. One minute he's asleep on the yoga mat, the next minute he's jumping on my back like a monkey. He was all over the place. I felt bad because all of the other little kids were so well behaved. I had to explain to him that when he starts school he is going to have to try his best to behave and always listen to the teacher. I think that was a concept that a)he's not used to & b) he needs to learn. Such a weird conversation to have with someone.

As much as he was a little on the wild side, he was also incredibly helpful. I am ALWAYS late to work so in the past month I have sped up every clock around the house, including my cell phone and computers (somehow I still manage to end up late to work) so we got to Desert Song about 20 minutes early so Espen helped set up the room with yoga mats and bolsters and was equally as helpful cleaning up.




After yoga I wanted to head over to Michael's to see if I could work out a little deal between Michael's and Aaron Brother's to get my print framed.

I took the quote for the frame, with the 60% off applied, that Michael's gave me and ran over to Aaron Brother's where I have a gift card. Their quote was actually less than Michael's AND I got the sweet sale price.

Here's a little teaser of what will be in our bedroom in about 12 days.


I took a chance with the bright yellow frame but I think the black filler with the raised dots will bring a bit of chicness to it. (is that a word?)
I can't wait to see it!!

Since I got such a screamin' deal on the frame AND because Espen was such a good boy at Michael's and Aaron Brother's I told him he could pick out something to take home. He picked a finger painting kit. This kit rules! Super easy to clean up, way easy to use and such a good idea. Not only is it a finger paint set but after you 'paint' on a hard plastic surface you lay a piece of paper on it, roll it with a sponge roller and when you lift the paper off you end up with a nifty little print.







The boys finished up the day with a hair cut. This was a big deal since Espen actually let Jeremy use the clippers on him!! He told me that he can use the clippers now because he's a big boy. haha!




While the boys were busy with their haircuts I satisfied a wild, out of no where craving that I had for Souper Salads fettuccini salad. I haven't eaten it in almost 10 years but it didn't matter, I had to have it. Souper Salad was just like I remembered, except a lot cleaner! And seriously, for $5 I filled up the to-go container with an enough assorted pastas that Jeremy, Espen and I all were able to have a little pig out session.


Such a good busy day. I love days like this.

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