Wednesday, April 7, 2010

easter eggs, fevers & upset tummies PT. 2

Sunday started out pretty good. Espen and I had plenty of time to goof off before we were to head over to my sister's house for Easter dinner although right before we left I was starting to feel just a tiny bit sick to my stomach. I had felt that way on and off since last weekend so I didn't think anything of it.

The weather could not have been better on Easter. We all sat outside and watched the kiddos play...and argue. It was beautiful.



The food was delicious, as always. My mom makes such a good Easter dinner. Super flavorful but not over filling. I loaded up on asparagus, yum!




{less eating, more croquet please}

What better way to work off your dinner than to play 'keep away' with your son/dinosaur. He didn't stand a chance against my mom and I. It was at this point that I was beginning to not feel well at all.



The Easter egg hunt was hilarious, we literally had to stand next to an egg and basically point at it and tell the boys 'Did you check over here?'.


They eventually found all of their eggs and I found myself immediately heading inside to cool off from running around with the boys. Espen was nice enough to come in and share some of his chocolate with me and I was nice enough to not share my cannoli. I'm sorry, they're SO good, I can't share. Espen didn't seem to mind too much though, there were way cooler things to do than eat a cannoli...


{like play paper towel roll insert telescope}

{or jump around in unlce joshua's truck}

{or see a blood orange be juiced}

Dinner was delish and the hunt was fun but I was not feeling well and my dad was going to come over to help me hang the head board since I failed miserably at it the day before.

{could this get any better}

After we realized I didn't have the right screws we decided to call it quits which was a good thing because not 10 minutes later I was outside talking to my dad and shortly after making a bee line for the bathroom. Although throwing up is one of the worst things in the world, ever, I must say that what you eat before hand makes a huge difference and I have to give a big thanks to the cannoli, you kinda saved me in the end as did the spotless toilet. Thanks Jeremy, he's the toilet cleaner in the house. Too much information?

I ended up with a fever and chills, sweating like a pig and not able to eat anything except for the saltines and sprite that my dad bought for me (seriously, thank you papa for taking such good care of me). Jeremy got home around 9pm and kept me company till me aspirin kicked in and I fell asleep. Luckily it only took a day to recover. I took Monday off and stayed in bed almost all day long and feel a heck of a lot better now. Woot woot!

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