Tuesday, April 6, 2010

easter eggs, fevers and upset tummies

Saturday was a very long day. Jeremy was out of town and I was busy making the headboard. Espen and I took a long nap and when we woke up he was not feeling well. Espen had been telling me since late Friday that his tummy hurts, but he says that a lot because he thinks we'll give him medicine (he loves children's Tylenol). I checked his temperature and he did have a bit of a fever. I held off on the medicine so I could check his temperature again late and get an accurate read. An hour later and he still had a fever.

I told him to pick out a movie and rest while I prepped the Easter eggs for dying.

{he went with Annie}

{poor little dude}

I'm 31 years old and I have never boiled an egg before. I love hard boiled eggs but have never bothered to make them, ever. Weird. I guess I should have told Jeremy that the eggs in the fridge were for dying because it left us with only 9 after one broke open in the water and Espen & I split one.

{nice lookin' eggs}


{yum yum yum}




{can you believe he wasn't feeling well? look at those skills}




We ended up breaking a few in the process and by we I mean I did. I pushed my thumb through at least three of them but that's okay they turned out cute. So cute that I forgot to take a picture. Well, maybe it's not that I forgot but that I was too busy trying to scrape stickers off of our counter. Espen thought this was a wonderful idea. Yes, wonderful for him, kind of a pain for me.


{so proud of his stickers}

Who knew cleaning up dye could be so pretty or is it just me...

Espen made a popsicle out of one of his eggs. Doesn't that sound delicious?

After our funtimes with eggs we had even more fun with our Happy Meal boxes/viking helmets. Visste du vi er Vikings?

{i told espen to make a serious face}

After Vikings but just before bed we played 'shop'. Espen would walk around the house and bring things over to me and tell me in his adult voice, 'uh, hello, i'm buying this for my son, I'm going to need some help out to the car with this'. Everytime he'd approach me he'd have a grin on his face like he was embarrased to act out the part but the next thing you know he would completely become the character. (Future actor?)


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