Thursday, March 11, 2010

this is where i complain a bit.

What can I say about last night except it kind of sort of didn't work out the way I wanted it to, but it ended up bare bra. (that's Norwegian for 'just fine', get your mind out of the gutter)

I was expecting to come home and relax, maybe take the bike out for a ride and then come back and rummage through the huge box of jewelry I recently purchased but things went terribly wrong around 5:10. So dramatic, I know!

I headed over to my sister's after work so I could give Espen a hug and kiss before my mom headed up the hill with our kiddos in tow. Espen was in a wonderful mood, that is, until I caught him trying to loosen the shoulder straps on his car seat! Uh, no way man. I had to tighten the straps so he couldn't lean forward enough to reach the latch that loosens them but that drove him mad which led to screaming and tears. Not the two things I expected from this rendezvous, I was expecting hugs and kisses. The next thing you know, Abe wakes up because of Espen’s screaming, my mom is telling me she needs to hit the road so I had to fight my way through Espen's flailing arms to give him a half ass kiss on the cheek, a kiss filled with salty tears. My mom assured me that he would be okay and off they went. I had to tell her later that it wasn't Espen that I was worried about, it was me! I don't like to see him off when he's mad.

So, at about that time I started to get that good ol' sharp pain in my right side, the one I get once a month that makes me feel like someone is squeezing my ovary for hours on end. Lovely. I ran to my car, bummed out about Espen and in pain, and headed home.

I knew that a bike ride was out of the picture, so I decided to catch up on some Modern Family, which is hilarious in case you haven't watched it. Before I settled down for some sitcom action, I headed down to the mail box to get my e-cigg cartridges that according to USPS had been delivered . They came just in time, my last one was on its way out big time and tasted like burning plastic. I'm not sure what key I was using to open the mail box, but it certainly was not the right one so I couldn’t get it opened. Damn. Now, I may not be a 'smoker' anymore, but I still need to get some nicotine somehow, I battled my inner smoker about walking to D's for an old fashioned pack but I just couldn't do it. I walked back upstairs thinking, a nice glass of wine might help me relax but when I opened the cabinet I saw nothin', just some bitters. Ugh. I could've gone to the store if I really needed some, but who wants to do that when they have cramps and have sweat pants on? I like wine and smoking, but not that much. By this time I really didn't feel like getting up or moving at all so I curled up in Jeremy's computer chair and hit play on HULU. Somewhere in the midst of all of that I sent Jeremy a text message that sounded utterly desperate and helpless, where's the mail key, where's the wine, woe is me!

Jeremy got home from work a bit late but, he came home with wine!! He poured me a glass and we walked in the cold to get the mail, hooray! (I guess he has the ‘real’ mail key) I had my lover home, a glass of wine, my e-cigg and to top it all off, an Episode of Deadwood. After an episode of Deadwood and making 50 more Norwegian vocab flashcards I fell asleep with my headphones in listening to Pimsleur. Jeg vil gjerne har noe å spise.

I missed Espen this morning, but when I spoke with him earlier he was finishing up breakfast and was about to head outside to play in the snow, or what is left of it.

****Oh, and at some point last night I realized that I had windburn on my cheeks from my early morning bike ride, a little section on the top of each of my cheeks were even a bit puffy, so weird. Next time, I’m going to wear a ski mask like a burglar.

****Random, I know, but seriously, how hilarious is this necklace. If I wasn’t running late this morning I would have put him on a longer chain, but really? A lion with dangly eyes!! I love it.

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