Tuesday, March 30, 2010

the party's at 7

Saturday. I was not feeling well. My allergies were out of control and I had a slight hangover from dinner with the girls the night before. I skipped breakfast all together but once lunch time came around all I could think about was my leftover burger from AZ88. So while I ate my food at the island, Jeremy and Espen settled down on the couch with...I'm not even sure what, something green and fresh that looked delicious. I was so out of it that I didn't even think to ask what it was, or maybe I did, but I just don't remember. I may have felt like I was on another planet but that didn't stop me from noticing how cute Jeremy and Espen looked at the couch watching Sgt. Frog on HULU.

**Please note the ace bandage on Espen's leg and the curtain tie-back/bandage on Espen's hand/wrist. Why the bandages, because he had 2 teeny tiny scrapes and he said they would make him feel better.

He felt better all right and wrestling with dad while he tickles the bottoms of his feet with his beard always makes Espen crack up.

Since we somehow made it into the bedroom with the camera I thought it was the perfect time to snap of few pictures of our new dresser. The first shot I tried to get Espen jumped right in to help show it off...

{thanks Vanna. i think you have some chocolate and puppy freckles on your face}
{the dresser}

I know the dresser needs a little TLC. I know the lamp needs a shade. I know the TV needs to be mounted on the wall. All in due time. In the mean time, I was able to use almost all of the drawers for my things instead of them being crammed in a box hidden in a cabinet. Jeremy and I played a fun game of 'Hang it or Fold it' with his band shirts. Now 30 of Jeremy's Metal Band shirts are in the box hidden in the cabinet and we have about 1.5 extra feet of space in the closet to hang things. Woohoo!

So, later that night we new that our condo association was having a little soiree at the pool with wine and cheese so we could meet some of our neighbors. I didn't really want to go and I am pretty positive that Jeremy didn't either but we got dressed, I got dressed up and we decided to see what it was all about. Before we left we asked each other 30 times, what time is it at? Is it at 6 or 7? I thought for sure it was 7, Jeremy thought it was 6. He went to check the mail while I was getting ready and he said there were some people down there.

{party people, i mean, parents}

At 7:40 we walked down with Espen in tow. It was DARK. Dark and quiet. Jeremy ran down the breezeway to read the party invite...ya, it was from 4 to 6. Ha! We completely missed it. How did that happen. And darn it all I looked so cute. Oh my gosh, we were cracking up but kind of relieved. Next time we'll be sure to double check the invite.

Jeremy had to leave to meet up with a friend so Espen and I played 'kitty & puppy'. He was the puppy, I was the kitty. He drew on my kitty face and did a good job, I thought. He disappeared with my eyebrow pencil and then came out to the kitchen to show me the puppy feet he made.


I began to feel pretty awful again and since we took such a long nap earlier, Espen and I could not get to sleep. I messaged Jeremy to bring home food around midnight. Thankfully he did not, Espen and I crashed and the next morning when I looked in the mirror, I was still a kitty.

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