Thursday, March 18, 2010

mad cap movies and lunch with mom

Jeremy and Espen are making the most of their Spring Break deal at the Mad Cap Theatre. They saw Labrynth on Tuesday and today they saw Madagascar. When they saw Labrynth their was only one other family in there and today at Madagascar they once again had the theatre to themselves.

After the movie and some playing around a fountain they drove over to my office to take me out to lunch.

Do you remember taking a straw out of a wrapper in a way that would completely wrinkle up the paper and then with your straw you would drip a little water on it to make the wrapper expand, like a little worm growing? Yes? No? Well I do and I have taught Espen how to as well. He thinks it's pretty funny, but thinks it's even funnier to make a huge mess with the water and wrapper afterwards.

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