Tuesday, February 16, 2010

a failed attempt at breakfast and a wedding

Saturday morning seemed to be going well. Espen slept in a bit which meant we were able to sleep in. I was looking forward to making puff pancakes but when I opened the fridge I realized, we didn't have any eggs. There are only a few ingredients in this recipe, flour, milk & eggs basically, so I jumped online to see if there was anything I could 'substitute' for the eggs. All I found was vegetable oil, um, if it sounds bad...that's because it was pretty bad.


I knew right away this was not going to work so I whipped up a batch of my favorite pancakes (Melt in Your Mouth).
It wasn't until after the pancakes were cooked that Jeremy told me we were out of syrup. Not a problem, I ate mine with some caramel dip, Espen ate his with sprinkles and mustard.



We are easy to please.

We were off to a late start to begin with but the next thing you know if was 12:40 and we were racing over to Jeremy’s parents house so they could watch Espen while we attended a wedding. We arrived at the church just in time for the ceremony. The bride was gorgeous, but I wasn’t expecting her not to be, she’s young, super tall, way skinny with big boobs. She’s a knock out.

The ceremony was over by 3:30 but the reception wasn’t until 5:30! We started throwing around ideas like, Should we go to a movie? Probably not enough time. Should we go back to the Grandparents house and play with Espen till the reception? That's too far of a drive. Should we head to the Four Season’s lounge and take advantage of their Happy Hour menu? Definitely.

We settled in to the lounge area and right away I noticed their menu. Seriously, they had BBQ potato chips with spicy ketchup and lemon aioli dip on the menu, which of course I ordered. I definitely need to find a recipe for the lemon aioli although I’m guessing you just add lemon rind to regular aioli. Yum. The chips n’ dip reminded us of our day spent at Vigeland Sculpture Park in Oslo. It was chilly and grey out but we sat outside at a restaurant nearby and ate tortilla chips & aioli. Delish.




The reception was lovely. It was held in a ballroom at the Four Seasons. The groom works in AV so I believe that's why the room was impeccably lit. Dinner was super good, we had the beef with some sort of red wine reduction and ‘not your mama’s’ potatoes au gratin, you know, when the potatoes are in perfect little stacks on the plate, fancy.


We stayed long enough to hear the speeches, eat dinner and cake and have some pretty hilarious conversations with our tablemates-longtime friends of Jeremy and their super cute girlfriends and watch people dance to Michael Jackson and Bel Biv Devoe but we had to relieve Jeremy’s parents from babysitting duty so off we went.

I was so tired by the time we got to Jeremy’s parents house but we ended up talking till midnight anyway although I think I nodded off on the couch a couple of times.

Saturday was a whirlwind of pancakes, car rides, good food and maybe too many drinks, an excellent day in my book.


***on a side note, Friday night with my best buddy was a riot. I kind of felt like a teen ager because we just goofed around on the computer while the boys sat outside talking about hunting and manly stuff. Espen desperately wanted to stay up to see his friends but that meant that when it was time for him to finally go to bed he was a little cranky. (I'm putting that mildly) He fell asleep in the living room, in a fetal position on his knees, buried in a pile of pillows. He woke up around 2am while Jeremy and I were out on the couch, he sat up, closed his eyes and began to sway back and forth. His eyes would pop open and then slowly shut again followed by the swaying back and forth. He did the sway, eye pop, close eye routine for about a minute. Jeremy and I were dying laughing and naturally I took about a hundred pictures. Hilarious.