Sunday, January 10, 2010

how cool is espen?

He's super cool! And how cool is his Aunt Allison for buying him such cool 'fold up' shades? She also bought me Burgerville Hamburger Dressing while she was in Oregon. I have eaten it on practically everything: eggs, yep. chicken, yep. tuna sandwich, you bet.

And about those glasses, I was so jealous of Espen's new glasses I have since purchased my own pair of Wayfarers (yes Jeremy tells me I look like I am trying to be 18) and with this recent purchase I vowed NEVER to pay full price for anything again. I feel like a chump for ever spending full price on things like shoes, clothing and accessories. Almost everything I have purchased over the last 6 months is still out there to purchase but for a fraction of the cost. Case in point. New sunnies. Buy them new for $139 or get in a painless 45 second bidding war with someone on Ebay and pay $40. Come on! Need I say any more.

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