Monday, January 11, 2010

monday funday

I decided to take a few days off of work to give my Mom a break from watching the kiddos and to spend some time with Espen. We had such a good day!

Kate had told me about a place in North Scottsdale called MacDonalds Ranch, an actual working ranch that offers horseback riding, cook outs, birthday parties and all things country western. One thing they do offer that got me interested is free pony rides for kids, all you have to do is tip your guide.

So, on Monday morning before Jeremy had to go to the work at the Boys and Girls Club, we headed out to the ranch. When we got there there were two workers walking around, although they didn't really greet us or make eye contact with us. Not sure what to do or how to get a pony ride, we took Espen over to the coral to see the horses. I was shocked by how cool he was around these huge animals. He would put his palm out, let them smell him and when they seemed okay with him he would go in for the pet, first on their noses, then on their cheeks. Jeremy took Espen around the ranch for some hilarious photo ops. I wrangled (pun intended) a cowgirl and inquired about the pony rides. She helped me fill out some paperwork, found Espen a little helmet and off she went to get Sheik, come to think of it, maybe his name was Chic, either way, she got the horse saddled up and ready for Espen.

Although he didn't move a muscle during the entire 10 minute ride, he didn't seem scared at all. He got up, held on tight and did really well. When we were all done with the pony ride we tossed some horse shoes and said goodbye to Jeremy. Off we went for our second adventure of the day.

We headed to McCormick-Stillman Rail Road Park. Once there we ended up riding the train, then the carousel, then the train again, we ate some hot dogs, went to the train museum and finished it off with sharing an Ice Cream cone. The next thing you know it was 4pm. What a day.

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