Tuesday, October 28, 2008


On Saturday my boss informed me that he no longer has enough business to keep me on as a full time employee, I now have 2 weeks, while working just 2 days a week to pound the pavement and find yet another job. This is unreal. My brain feels like it shuts off every time I open my already lengthy novella that is my resume. It shows that I have a ton of experience in all sorts of fields (within real estate) but every time I have to add something to it, I begin to feel more like a failure. I know it's not true because if you look back I either left on my own or had to leave because of others failures...so I will press on.

We still have not settled on a moving date. There are several things we need to straighten out first, obviously a job for me, but a few other items as well. I can't wait for the yard sale! I just want it all gone so we can start fresh in our tiny new home.

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